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Welcome to Bike Pedla, your one-stop destination for quality pre-owned bikes. Our mission is to provide you with a safe hassle-free experience for your next bike purchase, Whether you are looking for your first road bike, chasing an upgrade or simply want to add another +1 to your collection, our focus is in offering our clients quality, pre owned bikes, backed by awesome service.


Our Clients are our focus and we are 100% committed to delivering a great experience when dealing with Bike Pedla, we love what we do and cycling is in our DNA.

Explore our range of current bikes, if you have a specific bike in mind that you can't find within the Bike Pedla store, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're committed to helping you locate your ideal ride that gets you out of bed in the morning!

Thank you for visiting Bike Pedla, your journey towards finding your next ride begins here. Safe cycling!

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Our Approach

Our Bike Pedla Team live and breath cycling, we are 100% focused on the client experience and through every step of the way when purchasing their next ride. 




Cannondale CAAD 5

Cannondale CAAD 5

Lapierre Xelius SL 600

Lapierre Xelius SL600

Cannondale Super Six EVO


Colnago V1-R

Colnago V1-R Bike

Time Skylon Aktiv

Time Skylon Bike
“The Bike Pedla team were awesome, helped through every step of my bike purchase and were quick to answer all my questions. Bike was delivered quickly and arrived in prestine condition"

Nash H, Sydney

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