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Check out our Questions and Answers below which may be of help should you be look to buy or sell a bike through Bike Pedla.


  1. Q: Who is Bike Pedla?                                                    A: Bike Pedla is a passionate about buying and selling of high-quality pre-owned bicycles, we are dedicated to provide an awesome service to our customers throughout the bike purchase journey. We just love bikes and love to help others who have the burning passion for two wheels!                                                        

  2. Q: How does Bike Pedla ensure the quality of its pre-owned bikes?                                                                A: Bike Pedla thoroughly inspects and road tests all bikes in its inventory to ensure they meet high-quality standards before listing them for sale.               

  3. Q: Can I sell my used bike to Bike Pedla                        A: Yes, Bike Pedla buys used road bikes from individuals, as long as it is in good working. You can contact us through the form on the Sell Your Bike page to get a quote for your bike.                                   

  4. Q: What types of bicycles does Bike Pedla sell?        A: Bike Pedla offers a wide range of bicycles, including road bikes, time trial bikes and triathlon bikes.                                                                                 

  5. Q: Can I trade in my old bike when buying a bike from Bike Pedla?                                                                    A: Yes, Bike Pedla often offers trade-in options, allowing you to apply the value of your old bike toward the purchase of a new one. Check out the information on our Trade Your Bike page.                      

  6. Q: Where can I find Bike Pedla's inventory of preowned bikes?                                                              A: Bike Pedla's inventory is available on within our online store, you can browse and find detailed information about each bike. Check them out here.      

  7. Q: Does Bike Pedla offer shipping?                                A: Yes, Bike Pedla offers shipping Australia wide on all bikes.                                                                            

  8.  Q: Does Bike Pedla offer local pick up? A: Yes if you would like to collect one of our bikes or would like to inspect prior to buying, you can organise a time with one of our team who are based on the Gold Coast.      

  9. Q: What payment options does Bike Pedla offer?      A: Secure payments can by made upon checkout through the Bike Pedla website, including all major credit cards as well as an option for PayPal. Other payment options such as bank transfer and cash are available with prior arrangement. 


If you have any other question please contact use through the Contact Us page, we would love to hear from you.

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