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CANYON Endurance CF SLX Disc with Di2 Groupo

CANYON Endurance CF SLX Disc with Di2 Groupo

 Excellent Condition: 

This CANYON Endurance CF SLX has minimal road time and is in great overall condition.
The bike's paintwork is notably attractive, and it's well-regarded for its all-around performance.

 Versatile and Dependable: 

Ideal for long rides, local crits, or club road races.
The bike's design and build quality cater to a wide range of cycling activities.

 High-End Components for Superior Ride Quality 

Advanced Frame and Fork:
The frame is aero-optimized, made from carbon, with a sporty geometry. The full carbon fork ensures a stable and responsive ride.

High-Quality Groupset:
Equipped with Shimano Ultegra 8070 11 Speed Di2, offering reliable and smooth gear shifting.

Top-Tier Wheels and Tires:
Features DT SWISS ERC 1400 Carbon wheels and Conti GP4000 28mm tires, perfect for speed and durability.

Ergonomic Handlebars and Comfortable Saddle:
Includes CANYON Carbon Integrated Ergocockpit and a FIZIK Aliante saddle, ensuring comfort and control.

 Extra Information 

Note: Does not include bottle cages.

Incredible Value: Priced competitively, this bike offers excellent value for its quality and features.

  • Additional Information

    Feature Category Details
    Condition Lightly used, great overall condition
    Versatility Suitable for long rides, crits, and road races
    Frame Aero-optimised, carbon, sport geometry
    Fork Full carbon fork, stable and responsive
    Groupset Shimano Ultegra 8070 11 Speed Di2
    Wheels and Tires DT SWISS ERC 1400 Carbon wheels, Conti GP4000 28mm tires
    Handlebars & Saddle CANYON Carbon Integrated Ergocockpit, FIZIK Aliante saddle
    Additional Notes No bottle cages included, exceptional paintwork
    Value High-quality bike at a competitive price
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